Cloud Broker

Infrastructure is nothing without services

AMT operates in the Information Technology market since 1994, providing professional and infrastructure services.

Cloud Broker

Cloud computing is here to stay and be a key enabler for the strategy of many businesses. AMT can explore the best in cloud computing services to set the best cloud architecture for each client. We customize these services to meet the client’s needs, optimizing time and cost.


AMT goes even further and offers the governance service, making the most of the cloud infrastructure and allowing clients to reduce costs, without waste. The service also includes cloud services design, deployment, migration, management, continuous and monitored support to ensure security, scalability, performance, availability and cost optimization.


AMT consolidates the cloud infrastructure billing. Do you know how to deal with the tax issue for Cloud Computing in Brazil? If your company uses Amazon Web Services AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud among many others, then it is required not only to register the operations in the Siscoserv, but also to collect taxes on their importation. To regularize this worrying tax issue in a simple, economical and effective way, the ideal is to hire the nationalization service from a Cloud Broker and to pay in local currency. In addition to being able to make the payment in bank slip or deposit, you also receive the Brazilian invoice of all hired services.


Due to AMT’s partnership with the leading providers, we can get the best prices and market conditions! This alone makes the purchase of cloud services through a Broker in a legal form and with all taxes properly collected, cheaper and advantageous than buying directly from the provider and collect taxes internally.