HPC as a Service

IT Infrastructure and HPC As A Service


The IaaS helps you to avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing your own physical servers and other data center infrastructure. Each resource is offered as a separate service component, and may be rented independently. AMT works in a flexible manner, providing clients with asset management options and applications. Thus, we can offer exactly the management that will complement the client’s performance, if necessary.


AMT supports mission-critical applications by providing IT resources as a service. These resources can be installed either on the client site or on AMT Data Centers. We offer custom infrastructure services, aligned with each client’s business objectives.

Some of our solutions:


Provision of high performance computing environment as a service. We replicate the on-demand cloud computing model for the HPC platform. However, we offer bare metal, the use of 100% of the physical server resources, without virtualization layer.

AMT hosts and manages the Intel Innovation Center, the first one in South America. This innovation center has an HPC cluster, supported by the latest Intel technology, aimed at validating the HPCaaS offer and Code Optimization Services.


AMT provides computing resource/s. The client can choose whether to take over the management of this infrastructure and the Operating System.


The Colocation service consists of hosting one or more of the Client’s servers in the AMT Data Center premises, providing Internet link, monitoring, operation support (Service Desk), physical and logical security of equipment, electric energy, and environment with air conditioning and fire protection.

Cloud Computing

A server or virtual machine (VM) is the result of installing an operating system in a software environment called virtualization architecture or, more commonly, Cloud, and not directly on a hardware.

AMT has a Cloud capable of providing several options for the installation of a Client’s solution. The virtual server can be configured, as in the case of a common hardware, with CPU features, memory, available disk space and installed applications.

In general, hosting a server in the cloud provides advantages such as ease of expansion, flexible structure and high availability, always at a lower cost than equivalent solutions for physical servers.

All this infrastructure can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet or using dedicated links.


We offer our clients a backup or contingency solution through data replication services with the security, support and monitoring of a qualified Service Desk.

For this service, we use virtualized solutions or appliances to optimize the data transfer, copies and restorations, following the most appropriate backup policy for the client. Our consultants will evaluate with the client the alternatives that will meet their business needs.