Intel Innovation Center

Intel Innovation Center

The Intel Innovation Center is the result of a partnership between AMT with the Intel, and the Governments of the City and the State of Rio de Janeiro, and a consequence of the cooperation agreement with the Federal Government announced in 2013. The main goal of the Innovation Center is to provide access to high performance computing technologies (HPC – High Performance Cloud Computing) for companies of all sizes. Moreover, the Center promotes cutting-edge expertise in HPC, essential for exploration in the fields of Oil and Gas Research and Smart Cities, such as exploration of the pre-salt and solutions that add intelligence in the Cloud to public and private services. The activities also include working with startups and direct interaction with other research centers, private companies, universities for proofs of concept, incubation of new applications and development support. The idea is to democratize the access of Brazilian companies to high performance computing. “We believe that this can be a key factor for the development of the country’s economy,” points out Fernando Martins, CEO of Strategy and Innovation at Intel.

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Located at the headquarters of AMT in Rio de Janeiro

The Intel Innovation Center, located at the headquarters of AMT in Rio de Janeiro, is hosted and managed by AMT and offers last generation technology, with processors and software considered the state-of-the-art and developed by the Intel Labs.  The space has three areas: one dedicated to systems for use by companies in Proofs of Concept (PoCs) and Pilot-Project; another for the development of projects of universities and research centers supported by Intel in the country; and a third one to incubate startups and promote the emergence of new products or services for the Brazilian market via entrepreneurship.

AMT was chosen as the Innovation Center headquarters due to its consolidated history of good performance in the Brazilian IT market and because Rio de Janeiro concentrates many Oil & Gas companies that make constant use of High Performance Computing technologies. With over 20 years in the market, AMT offers IT infrastructure as services, focusing on cloud computing. The alliance between Intel and AMT enabled the transfer of technology to establish a service knowledge and training center at HPC & Big Data. Today we can say that AMT is at the forefront of HPC in Brazil and is a pioneer in delivering HPCaaS services and Code Optimization Services, using High Performance Technologies.

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